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Propessional Insurance Agent

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Put our experience to work for you. Germantown Insurance Agency located in Germantown, TN,  we leverage 40+ years of industry experience to provide real solutions for unique exposures.
Not everyone can fit into the same pair of jeans, can they?  Consider us your insurance tailors for business and personal exposures.

  • Specializing in Medicare and Medicare Part D
  • Commercial (Property & Casualty, Workers' Comp, Health, Bonds)
  • Personal (Auto, Home, Life, Disability, Long Term Care)

Unlike Other Agency Websites...

We won't waste your time by asking you to fill out an application online so that we can e-mail a quote back to you only to later find out that your situation is unique and the quote doesn't apply to your circumstances. Instead we ask that you come in and sit down with us face to face so we can understand your actual needs.   

While all policies have basic underwriting requirements that require some simple data entry, the real skill is in determining what coverages fit your unique set of needs.  Therein lies the difference in quality of agencies and agents.

Perhaps we may be of service?